Monday, January 19, 2009

PHP Programming

PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page but today it is now Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open source scripting language designed for producing dynamic web pages. There are many scripting languages today that we can use in a web site but what is PHP's advantage?


php vs. asp
PHP vs. Coldfusion
PHP can run on almost every platform; Cold Fusion is limited on Win32, Solaris, Linux and HP/UX. Cold Fusion has a good IDE and is generally easier to get started with, whereas PHP initially requires more programming knowledge. PHP is focused on programmers. So, we expect the best programming with PHP.

PHP vs. Perl
Perl is difficult to write a code; PHP is not difficult to understand because it is derived from C/C++. PHP is easier to integrate into existing HTML than Perl. Perl has been around since the late 80's, but PHP is being developed very quickly.


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